Beyond Reach

Yeehah, nothing like a new shriney to make you feel just so good
all over. New obsessions mean new shrines and that's where this
delightful little deversion comes into play. Here is my own little
tribute to the villian of Mutant X, the delicious Mason Eckhart.

Yeah yeah, I can hear you all now. "But he's ooky and creepy and he
looks like Andy Warhol!" Yup. So? Maybe I like ooky and creepy and
guys who look like Andy Warhol. Maybe, just maybe I'm a deranged
weirdo who's enticed by evil white haired men with hot sexy voices
and questionable ethics.

"Oh, but Ricia..." I hear you cry, "We were under the impression, you
were a John Shea fan! Where, oh where is your tribute to his
character, Adam."

Way ahead of you. I would be gooey shoe
substance if I didn't give tribute to Adam! Dirty filthy shoe

Back to Mason!

Sit back and drool...or further doubt my sanity. Whichever.

Memorable Moments
Moments that make me just think he's cooler and cooler.

He speaks and I listen

And then I swoon at his voice

Tom McManus
The delightful actor who brings yumminumious to life

Andy Warhol
Just to be weird.

Picture is from The Official Mutant X Page and is 
copyright 2001, Tribune Entertainment Co.