Torture the Becky


*deep dark chuckle* Ah nothing more delightful then this picture. Tied up and over fire.

You're a complete psycho, you know that?

Of course, my dear Becky. Your point?

I'm just grateful you're too lazy to ever update this page 
Well actually I'm thinking of starting up again. I've got a few ideas.

Well you're taking this well.! Save me!

Oh just calm down. It's not that bad. Could be worse...I could dislike

You like me?? You're a sick woman, picking on a poor defenseless
bearess like me

Uh...yeah. Defenseless....why are you strangling the turkey then?

I wasn't! Where do you get these pics??, awesome, ne?


What does that have to do with anything??

Absolutely nothing. I just think it's funny.

Get help, Ricia.

My Fanfiction

What's with the pic of me and Baloo there?

I'm a hopeless romantic...I like fluffy mush stuff.

Yeah...that having been said, enjoy my death folks.

You seem upset, Becky.

I hate you, you deranged...

Ah, watch what you say. Remember you're Disney.

*this part has been censored*

Whoa...okay time for your sedative. Enjoy my like one fic and that
like ficlet thing. Oh and check out the MSTings, they're very funny.
Becky's gonna be tied up for awhile. *giggle*

Where the Daisies Grow A normal day at Higher for Hire takes a horrible turn
   Lookie! It's a picture of the shoe arguement! Done by my new best friend Lex (all hail!)
Part II Questions answered but can our heros handle the answers?

Part III The moment of truth

Part IV Where the true goodbyes begin...and end  

A Promise Kept A strange event in Rebecca's life comes back to haunt her.

Mystery TaleSpin Theater 3000 Proof I need more help mentally then previously expected.

It's not possible for you to need more help then previously

Did you want me to tighten the ropes, my dear Rebecca?

I'll be good.

Oh I've got a banner for this site too!

Why would they link to this insanity?

Cause it's funny. Babs made me a banner! me!

Just link to

Then get your head examined

Where'd I put my whip?


You know the routine

Oh I have never owned TaleSpin
In any form or way
I have never owned TaleSpin
Though I'd buy it anyday

Can't cha hear ol' Disney yelling
Shut down or we're gonna sue
Can't cha hear my lawyers screaming
We're fresh out of money for you

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